Photography Basics $350

1 mini session + 1 hour in person

What it includes -

  • Learn camera settings: aperture, iso, shutter speed, white balance, focus, etc
  • Posing: learn various poses and angles that look good for everyone
  • Editing: learn basic editing skills and help regarding Lightroom
  • Business: talk about starting a business, LLC, contracts, payments, etc
  • Social media/websites: basics to getting your name out there, advertising, etc
  • New headshots!
  • 1 mini session: maternity, couples or family photoshoot to photograph along side me and see my process

Newborn Mentorship $550

1 styled newborn session (2+ hours) + 2 hour in person

What it includes -

  • Camera settings: working in studios or home, aperture, white balance, shutter speed, etc
  • Posing: learn how to wrap a newborn, froggy pose, various other newborn poses, etc
  • Editing: more in depth editing skills and photoshop
  • Business: LLC, contracts, working with newborns, etc
  • Social media/Websites: in depth review of yours with pointers on how to fix and update more
  • 1 styled Newborn session: 2 hour session with a newborn, hands on experience of how to calm and work with a newborn
  • New headshots!
  • Access to my personal ongoing location guide

To be announced....

Workshops & Location Guide